Obviously our fabulous programme of outings has been temporarily wiped out by COVID-19 restrictions but we'll get back into it as soon as we can.

Click here to see the photos of previous outings.

Month Outing Date
February Japanese Melbourne Festival Sunday 23 February
March  Moomba Parade, water skiing, carnival and fireworks Monday 9 March
April  Western Treatment Plant - bird photography with Nalini
Friday 3 April
April  Alfred Nicholas Gardens - autumn colour  Sunday 5 April 
May  Fungi with Mark Smith  TBA 
August  Melbourne Zoo  Saturday 8 August 
September  Appreciation and inspiration TBA - visit a photo exhibition. No cameras.
Opportunity to appreciate the art of photography
October Baluk William Nature Conservation Reserve - Belgrave South
wildflowers with Stephen Bode 
 Sunday 4 October
October  Ringwood Highland Games TBA
November   Plenty Gorge with Vanessa Bluett  Sunday 15 November 
December Maroondah Carols - local fireworks  TBA 

Email the outings subcommittee if you have any questions about our outings.

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