Club meetings

COVID-19 restrictions have forced us to cancel all contact meetings. In lieu, we will hold all club meetings by Zoom teleconference until further notice.

Our monthly club meetings are a mix of competitions and workshops.

Competition meetings

The first club meeting of the month is the judging of our monthly competition. Every second month is an open task, with the alternate month being a set task.

Members may enter one or two task prints in their grade and one or two task electronic images (EDIs) in the their grade each month.

Members may enter one B&W print and one B&W EDI in their grade every month. All B&W competitions are open subject.

Click here to read the competition rues.

While COVID-19 restrictions are in place, all print competitions are cancelled. In lieu, all members may enter one, two or three task EDIs in their grade and one or two B&W EDIs in their grade.

Our competition tasks for 2020 are:

Meeting date Task Images to be submitted by
4 March Metal  5 February 
1 April  Open 4 March 
6 May  Converging lines  1 April 
3 June  Open 6 May 
1 July  Movement 3 June 
5 August Open 1 July
2 September The number 3 5 August 
7 October Open 2 September
4 November Street candid 7 October
2 December End-of year competition 4 November 


Our workshops are held on the third Wednesday of the month. Some of them are theoretical, some are hands-on. The program for 2020 is:

Meeting date  Activity 
19 February   Southwick Interclub Competition
18 March Exposure bracketing (hands-on)
15 April Capturing movement (hands-on)
20 May Making audio-visuals 
17 June  Q&A session
15 July Photojournalism
19 August Photography quiz and trivia night
16 September  30th Eastern Interclub Competition
21 October  Bokeh (hands-on)
18 November Audio-visual competition

Click here to download the full syllabus for 2020. It will be downloadable from the bottom lefthand corner of your screen.

Click here to download the syllabus for 2021. It will be downloadable from the bottom lefthand corner of your screen.

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